When you have found the right property and are ready to enter into a contract to purchase, insert into the contract appropriate "subject to" clauses.

Ensure time frames for these clauses are realistic, ie. A minimum 14 days for finance approval (even if you have pre approval), building and pest inspections, and at least a further 14 - 21 days after this till settlement. Our job is to help ensure all measures are taken as required. 

Our Customer Care Team will be in touch to assist you were they can.

Remember Public Holidays will impact on the available time.

If you are purchasing using existing property equity, your broker should have advised you that the mortgage provider may not require a valuation to be done (on the purchase property). You may wish to instruct a valuer of your choice to ensure you have negotiated a fair market price (at your cost).

Insurance cover is the responsibility of the purchaser from the time the contract comes into force. This is a very important yet simple step. Calling your insurer and advising of your purchase, they will send you a copy of your policy for your records.

Keeping yourself well informed with your solicitor is helpful and will assist in making certain all is in order.

When all is said and done, often it isn't. Make sure your bank account details are up to date. Ensure that any new arrangements are in place and working in readiness for the first repayment to take place. Your broker or trusted banking branch will assist you with these measures.

Now is the time for the Champagne. Enjoy your new home.

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